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  • 公司簡介
        With constant innovation and development, our corporation has chronologically established Jinhua Zhenghong Daily Necessities Limited Company, Zhejiang Kangweili Daily Necessities Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. and Jinhua Kangweili Daily Necessities Factory, which are respectively specialized in different functions.
        Jinhua Zhenghong Daily Necessities Limited Company, the headquarters located in development region of Jinhua with an area of 23000 square meters, was set in 1998. As integration with R & D, production and sale, the company is a professional manufacturer of green and healthy cleaning products for household and vehicle clean. Its products, exported over the world, include various mops such as PVA MOP,NONWOVEN MOP and COTTON MOP as well as a series of cleaning cloth such as PVA CLOTH,NONWOVEN CLOTH and MICROFIBER CLOTH. Besides, because of continuous researches and improvement on household cleaning products, the company has acquired several certification such as “ISO9001: 2000” and “SGS”.
        In 2004, our corporation invested USD5000,000 in a second company, Zhejiang Kangweili Daily Necessities Manufacturing Co.,Ltd., which is located in the northern economic development zone of Longyou, Zhejiang province, with an area of 27000 square meters. This company concentrates on a potential product of CELLULOSE SPONGE, which is quite popular and attracts numbers of customers once it enters into the market.
        As for Jinhua Kangweili Daily Necessities Factory, it was built up in 2009 with an investment of USD8000,000 , possessing the same area as Kangweili Company. By introducing more manufacturing lines of mops and cleaning cloth in the industrial region in Jindong area of Jinhua, the company has promoted its producing technology and developed a more integrated manufacturing system.
        The establishment of Kangweili Company and Kangweili Factory is a great boost for our corporation to become the top-class producer in China with outstanding and professional technology. However, our company would not cease the pace to innovate, improve and develop and we sincerely expect the cooperation from customers and franchisers all around the world, which can motivate us to lead a sustainable progress.

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